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QZD2600 Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

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Main Products: Printing machine, semiautomatic stitching machine, Die cutting machine
Model No.: QZD2600 Brand: CANGHAI Place of Origin: China

1. Full automatic fold gluer machine characteristic
CH - QZD series the express carton box dedicated automatic fold gluer machine, is our company  the latest development of a new model for express box. It can to meet the production requirements of number 1 to number 12 express box .It is constitute by vacuum feeding ,Gluing and folding and counting stacking efferent. Digital display control, PCL Computer amplitude modulation, double frequency conversion synchronous operation, It has simple and convenient and fast and reliable operation mode (Order storage). Automatic feeding, auto gluing and folding, auto counting, automatic stacking and efferent . Average speed is 200 meters per minute, High speed and energy saving, Save labor cost ,It is our high pursuit.

2. Automatic fold gluer function introduction

Feeding part:
1. Adopt the belt leading edge induced draft type to send paper, accurate and reliable
2. Using slap-up electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, make the feeding part can be controlled separately, the operation is simple and reliable.
3. The press roller height is adjustable, suitable for the cardboard thickness is around 2-6mm.
4. Combined with the folding part, the frequency conversion adjust speed, feeding speed is 0--200m/min.
5. The paper feeding part and the front damper and the paper feed belt can be adjusted left and right.

Glue folding part:
1. The machine adopts frequency conversion adjust speed. the system has no noise, and the speed is flexible and stable.
2. Adopt imported high friction belt feeding paperboard, automatic stacking.
3. Adopt stainless steel wheel gluing, uniform glue, no barrier, and economize glue.
4. The folding part is equipped with a cardboard correction device and a indentation correction device.
5. The folding part has two rows adjustable inner positioning guide wheel system, and the forming precision is higher.
6. Folding speed is 200m/min。
7. Electric adjusts the left and right memorial archways.

Counting stack part:
1. Adopt PLC programming controller and touch screen digital control, simple operation, reliable operation without stopping input data, automatic counting and automatic stacking, neat output.
2. The frequency of the main motor of the counting part is adjustable, the speed is adjustable, and open machine stable and reliable.
3. Use belts to transport cartons. Stacking is neat and the speed is 0-200m/min.
4. Using flap plate beating carton, with functions of rectification, deviation is very small
5 .Counting and exit using pneumatic type, PLC point control, reliable, accurate and fast.
6. The output part adopts the bottom conveyor belt and the upper compression belt to keep the pressure tight, so that the finished carton can be glued firmly and without dislocation output. Stack height can be 8-25 sheets.

3. Carton diagram



4. Technical parameters:



Size Length B(mm)


Size Width D(mm)


Installation Area(mm)


Motor power


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